If CMS wants to add documentation about panels such as user guide or other topics.


This is free text that needs to be formated by the CMS or by MCDI during initial installation.
For example you can have a list of service or product catalog

You can list presentation and public demonstrations

Panel brand 1: link here

Panel brand 2: pdf here

Panel brand 3: link here

Panel brand 4: pdf here

Panel brand 5: link here


Best practices to reduce false alarms:

pdf here

Form to modify server: pdf here

Form to request service: pdf here


Award received by the CMS.

Promotion leaflet by the CMS. etc...


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If you want to include linkes for your CMS such as addresses of installers.

You can have a list of services or product catalog

Sites for good security practices.

Sites for municipal services

Patrol services.

Where to buy security equipments



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